Crusader Asset Management Inc.

is an advisor to institutional investors. The company offers considerable expertise in security selection, asset allocation, derivative products, structured products, risk management and investment strategy. Crusader Asset Management has significant experience with global asset classes including equities, fixed income, currencies and alternative or hybrid assets. The company is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission.

Crusader Asset Management's

Investment Philosophy

Lysander-Crusader Equity Income Fund: 2018 Year End Update

2018 Third Quarter Investment Outlook & Portfolio Update

Crusader Asset Management’s

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy


Our investment philosophy is guided by the overarching principle that all investment solutions should be carefully calibrated to the investor’s risk tolerance.


We carefully structure investment advice to provide a balanced view that draws upon our strategic, macroeconomic and quantitative skills and disciplines.


A client’s trust is sacred. We believe stewardship of assets demands the highest standards of morality and ethics from an investment management firm and its professionals.

Products and Services


Retail investors may access Crusader Asset Management products via a Canadian equity dividend product, the Lysander-Crusader Equity Income Fund.  It is a mutual fund symbol LYZ900.


Institutional investors may access Crusader Asset Management’s expertise via direct investment advice that includes, but is not limited to, security selection, asset allocation, derivative products, structured products, risk  and investment strategy. The company’s significant experience includes management of global asset classes including, but not limited to, equities, fixed income, currencies and alternative or hybrid assets.


Crusader High Dividend Canadian Equity

The Crusader High Dividend Canadian Equity portfolio’s investment objective is to earn income, preserve capital and achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio composed primarily of Canadian high yielding, dividend-paying equity securities; however, other equity-like income-producing securities, debt and money market securities may be used to achieve its objective.

Crusader’s proprietary quantitative models are unique. They are dynamic and form the basis of the Fund’s investment positioning. Dynamic modeling facilitates constant factor and regime analysis to optimize portfolio positioning that is relevant at all times.

Quantitative pro forma investment decisions are subject to a qualitative overlay – a “common sense” approach that may be garnered only from significant success and years of industry experience.

Crusader’s independent quantitative process, unique expertise and investment management experience affords the portfolio professional guidance that ignores market “hype” or “noise” while deploying a rigorous philosophy that is proven through a multitude of market environments.



Frank Stadler is principal and founder of Crusader Asset Management Inc., an investment management company that provides advice to institutional investors. Frank has nearly 30 years of capital markets experience, having held many senior management positions at a Canadian Schedule 1 bank. Before founding Crusader, he was a Portfolio Manager and Global Head of Derivatives Advisory for a large mutual fund company in Canada, where he managed two funds with assets under management in excess of $3 billion. Frank currently serves as Global Head, TAA and Chair, Asset Mix Committee, of a large public sector pension plan.


Empirical evidence suggests Canadian dividend-paying stocks offer superior risk-return characteristics when compared to Canadian non-dividend-paying stocks. Empirical observation of the fundamental characteristics of these equity securities supports the risk-return relationship.

Theoretically, the argument can be made that investors in Canadian equity securities should own only Canadian dividend-paying stocks as the Canadian equity content within a diversified portfolio of assets.

Crusader Asset Management believes Canadian investors should reserve a portion of their Canadian equity investment for a dedicated strategy based on dividend paying stocks.

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